Connor and the team at Financing Futures are outstanding and committed to helping you achieving your goals. I can honestly say without Connor's expertise, our goal would have never happened after being turned away from so many banks. I would highly recommend Financing Futures to everyone - Shaw Elmsly

 We're so glad we chose to use Financing Futures, to help us navigate the purchasing of our first home. Connor looked after us and we couldn't recommend someone more. He was patient and an excellent communicator, explaining everything clearly as we went along. Our questions were always answered with clarity and we were never made to feel like they were irrelevant or unimportant. Connor was inventive with the way he helped us to achieve our goals and has well established relationships with banks, lawyers and real estate agents, which enabled us to be sure we were getting the best deal possible. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Connor and Financing Futures as we move forward. - Sian Jones-White

 Offered great advise while house hunting and helped us from start to finish with the loan process. Highly recommended. - Daniel B

 Respectful, considerate and professional service. - Allister K 

 The team at Financing Futures have been incredibly helpful...no matter how tricky we made life for them, they made things work! - James Hodgson 

Financing Futures made time for me at short notice (after 5pm) to discuss getting a mortgage on a new family home just out of reach of our existing bank's limits. Our current home lender at the time basically just said no, end of story.

The particular property failed due diligence but going through the process meant we were pre-approved and ready to buy before other buyers were when another home popped up.

To sum it up, they were able to provide a dedicated, personal and available (they answer phone calls and reply promptly to email) service that our current 'bank' couldn't. They looked into our accounts in detail to provide a lending solution that our existing bank couldn't. And to top it off we received a better interest rate with an incentive to switch lenders.

Recommended provider and already planning to use them again- Peter McDonald




We were having a discussion today marvelling that we have managed to purchase our first home. Thank Connor for your patience, advice and help getting us through the process, we really appreciate it :) - Tanya Watts