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Your house, your contents, your car… you have worked so hard to get them so you need to have them insured against a "what if" situation.

Financing Futures are agents for Stylecover Insurance through AON - New Zealand's largest provider of insurance related services and we offer a range of insurances covering a wide range of assets at competitive prices.



 Home Insurance

For the average person, your home is your most expensive asset. With New Zealand being the earthquake hot-spot it is, there is a good chance that when the next big one arrives, it may hit close to home. By having home insurance, you will be able to replace or repair your home.

Most home insurances cover:

damage you may accidentally cause to someone else’s property or person

the cost of fighting forest fires

alternative accommodation

damage to landscaping or retaining walls

replacing locks if your keys are stolen

methamphetamine decontamination

Landlord cover can be added and will cover loss of rent, as well as damage caused by tenants.

Home insurance covers permanent fixtures and fittings such as carpets, curtains and air-conditioning units.

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Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is for more than just tables, chairs and fridges.  It covers anything in your home that is not a permanent fixture or fitting.

But did you know that contents insurance can also cover you for all of these:

the contents of your fridge

any damage you may accidentally cause to someone else’s property (especially important if you are renting)

alternative accommodation if you cannot remain in your home

stolen credit cards

the replacement of your locks if your keys are stolen

the tools you use for trade

the cost of fighting forest fires

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Vehicle Insurance

Full vehicle insurance will safeguard you against the possibility of having no vehicle following an accident or loss.

It covers you for the cost of repairs or repainting your vehicle following an accident, should that be required.

It covers the cost of any damage you may cause to someone else’s property or person (including their vehicle)

And most full vehicle insurances also cover:

cleaning your car if it is broken into

the replacement of locks if your keys are stolen

your trailer

the cost of recovery & towing

the repair or replacing of windscreens & lights

the cost of fighting forest fires

Third Party Insurance will protect you from the cost of damage you may do to someone else's vehicle or property, and the cost of fighting forest fires.  Add Fire and Theft and you will be protected against someone stealing your car or damage to your vehicle caused by a fire.

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Financing Futures also offers Mechanical Breakdown, GAP, Payment Protection and Motor Vehicle insurances through Autosure NZ.



Disclaimer: always refer to your policy wording for full details and the conditions of cover provided under your policy.

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